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The electronic group “Electronic Group Astro” from Tyumen was created in 2010 by musicians Alexander Lobanov (drums) and Sergey Novikov (author). Sergey Novikov is also the arranger of the first compositions in the album “Flying in the Dream”. In 2011 Sergei Kotslov (guitarist) joined to band.

Together musicians decides to make experiment – combine the style of Space Synth and Hard Rock, adding a Hard Rock guitar to the electronic music. To record the group’s debut album, Sergei Novikov and Sergey Kotslov (co-wrote) made a new arrangement. As a result, a mini-album of 5 tracks was born. And at the end of August 2016 the full album “Flying in a dream” was released (including 9 tracks).

Sergey Kotslov was cover designer of the first single (EP) and created the group’s logo.

“Mental Records Studio” (label) has released an album on audio cassettes for real music lovers.

We always emphasize that our project is not a studio project. All compositions are adapted for live performance and we are happy to take part in concert programs.