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Alexander Viktorovich Panov (08/24/1975, Leningrad) has been creating compositions since the beginning of the 90s, creating under various pseudonyms, but 2001 is considered the starting point of his project “Neo Romantic”.

The conceptual basis of the project’s creativity was the creation of beautiful melodic compositions and songs in the style of Eurodisco and Eurodance of the 80s-90s on real and virtual synthesizers. Alexander writes and arranges music himself, sometimes writes lyrics in English and he is also a singer.

In the period from 2001-2011 under the pseudonym «Neo Romantic» Alexander recorded and released several demo albums and singles, after which he left the project for several years. But in 2017 he decided to revive it due to the growing popularity of Italo disco music in the Europe.

In March 2018 a new song “Don’t Wait For Tomorrow” was released on the ZYX compilation “Italo Disco New Generation vol.12” which was included in the rotation of several foreign Internet radio stations at once.

Since 2003 Alexander has been participating in various St. Petersburg teams as a keyboardist and drummer, since 2010 he began to write soundtracks for various thematic films and commercials.

In 2019 Alexander met the Latvian radio host and part-time poet and singer from Riga Andrey Volkov (Wolframm), who really liked what Alexander was doing, and Andrey starts to promote his songs on his radio and also in the fall of 2019 invites Alexander to Riga for recording a show about him.

Alexander collaborates with artists: Marc Fruttero, Kristian Conde, The Sweeps.